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It’s not a tuuummmmaahhhh! Oh, wait, it is.

February 10, 2013

Well, folks, I have had quite a month. I’ve got a story for ya, it started in early January. I was getting my Saturday night party on and started having severe urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms. I went to the local rural ER and they gave me a urine test and sent me home with antibiotics. I had about 6 hours of pain that I imagine is similar to kidney stones. So painful, and no breaks.

Then a month later, the symptoms returned. I went back to that ER and they said the urine test was inconclusive, but they sent me home with antibiotics expecting it was a UTI. Boo on them. Two days later I started bleeding a lot and passing tons of clots. I went to a hospital in the nearby city and the doctor immediately said, this isn’t a UTI. He sent me in for a CT scan and identified a 5″ tumor on my right kidney that had to be pulled quickly.

Here’s the kicker: he called over to that rural hospital and learned that BOTH UTI tests were negative! I have two questions:
1) Why didn’t they notify me after the first test to let me know it was negative and I should get follow-up care?
2) On my second visit, why didn’t they look in the computer for the previous visit I told them all about, and learn it was negative so maybe they should do more than give me a pee test and send me on my way.

Thank goodness for the second hospital! Two weeks after this, I went in to surgery. That’s the next post!


Total foodgasm

February 22, 2012

Potatoes that were boiled, slightly mashed, then baked. Soft yet crispy!

I’ve struggled in the realm of blogging for years in the sense that I feel like a blog should have a specific purpose. Is it to talk about writing? Share recipes? Work out ideas? Fashion tips? That’s what I started this blog out as, a blog for professional things related to my career (writing, social media, public relations). But ย that’s just not working for me. So you know what the new specific purpose of this blog is? Things that interest me. That may be social media, or juicing, or, hey, new recipes! Have I mentioned I’m eating solid food again? *g*

The honey/balsamic/garlic topic for the chicken. YUM!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’re probably tired of seeing me pinning recipes. But I have just been super excited to cook healthy. And I came to a realization that it’s okay to use a bit of cheese or butter or carb, as long as it’s manageable to your eating plan. I like Weight Watchers so I’m counting points on these things (yay for the filling foods list!) I’ve been pouring over recipes for days, trying to figure out what the first meal I wanted to make would be.

Finished chicken! These yummy tenderloins will last me several dinners.

After much internal debate, I settled on honey balsamic garlic chicken and boiled/mashed/baked potatoes. First of all, make this food. Second of all, you’re welcome. As I was cooking, it just seemed like the food had to be unhealthy. It just looked too good. But you know what, it’s okay to use a little butter or olive oil. And a yukon gold potato here and there. If splurging a bit on those things will help you stay away from boxed mac ‘n’ cheese or a donut, frickin’ do it! That’s what I’m telling myself anyway and I think it will work. Your eating plan has to be manageable and sustainable.


I can’t even describe how amazing this food was. And it wasn’t just because I was coming off of a juice fast, I’ll be making this food regularly, especially the chicken. It is incredible. I bought a bulk pack of fresh chicken tenders as opposed to chicken breasts because the serving size was more fitting for my stomach shrinkage. And it worked great. I can’t wait for leftovers tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ These pictures aren’t the best, they were taken on my cell phone. But my mouth is watering just looking at them. I wanted to bring it for lunch today, but I still have my vegetable stew from Sunday to eat. And I might go to Subway for lunch and get a kids meal! Yes, friends. These are the things I splurge on that make me happy post-juice fast. Loving life!

Costco samples

February 21, 2012

Why yes I would like a sample! And this image was pulled from Google images, I did not creepily take a pic of a sample lady for my blog.

My breaking of the fast has been going extremely well. I haven’t had any reactions to food. I transitioned from fruits to raw veg to cooked veg to…Costco samples. I went there last night with my friend Dana and her kiddos. I hadn’t had any animal products yet, but I was ready to try something. The first sample was sausage. I love sausage (that’s what she said). I took a little bite and didn’t want any more. It was too rich. However, if they were passing out samples of cheese filled Oscar Mayer hot dogs, I probably would have grabbed the sample tray and ran. I passed on all the seafood samples and some salami. I passed on the green beans because they weren’t the kind I liked.

But don’t worry, folks. I didn’t pass on them all. No, way. I am nothing if not curious so why not throw a mixture of flavors and food products in my belly at once and see what happens? I had a little bit of several things: enchilada, chimichanga, salsa, hummus, corn and bbq chicken. Any guesses on what happened? Not a damn thing except getting super full off of a few samples. I had no desire to eat anything the rest of the night. It was comforting to know I could listen to my body when it was full, still be happy because I had a little protein, a little cheese, a little veg, and not worry about going overboard.

I’ll admit, I was worried that it would unleash the beast hidden inside of me and I’d be nomming on all sorts of crap. But you know how I know that won’t happen? I didn’t get the $2 polish dog at Costco. I never pass up on the polish dog. Come on, a sausage and drink for $2? I was full and didn’t desire any discomfort or to mess up my progress.

Talk about progress! I really think I’m changing habits and attitudes for the better, and permanently. Woohoo! *pats self on back*

Anyone else out there juicing? How’s it going so far?

Days 13-14: juice fast

February 20, 2012

Mood: Chock full of BAMFitude and awesomeness
Weight loss: 21.2 lbs over 14 days, say whaaaa?! According to my measuring, I didn’t lose inches this week. That’s bollocks. My clothes are looser.
Cravings: I should just give you a link to my Pinterest account because it’s been nothing but Weight Watchers friendly recipes for days. I can’t wait to start cooking healthy!

My last meal on the fast.

I feel like an infomercial. “Hey! I lost 21 lbs in two weeks doing a juice fast. You can too!” Oy. But hot diggity dog I did it, folks! No cheating. No fudging. No excuses. I feel so great right now. I don’t even know how to properly express how I feel physically and mentally. I accomplished something that I didn’t think would be a big deal, but it turns out it has.

Every person that told me they can’t imagine doing this for two weeks, you helped. That made me feel like I was doing something that is challenging and if I could complete it then I did something important. I’m also flabbergasted that this has inspired people. I have a few friends who are juicing regularly now or planning to embark on a juice fast. My friends and family have been so incredibly supportive. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you all!!!

The last two days of the fast were great because I knew I had done it. I thought about breaking a bit early to eat an apple on Friday, to get my body prepared for drinking beer on Saturday. But I didn’t. I decided whatever happened with the beer would happen. I wasn’t home Friday night so I splurged and bought an Odwalla for dinner. I figured that would do in a pinch and it was the end of the fast anyway so it wouldn’t hurt things.

My body handled the beer like a rockstar. I’ve always metabolized liquor extremely well. Some call me Frank the

My first non-juice item after the fast. I'm nothing if not classy.

Tank. People were taking bets on how much of a lightweight I’d become. Turns out, not at all. The juice fast barely impacted my alcohol intake/metabolization. It was odd. The only issue that came up was a wicked case of hiccups at the end of the night. I took it slow, drank a lot of water and had some apple slices while drinking, just to be safe.

Yesterday I had solid food! I focused on fruits and veggies, mostly raw ones to get my digestive system woken back up in a safe way. I had half an apple for breakfast, my stomach was full after that. Lunch was a mix of spinach, broccoli slaw and carrot shreds. I squeezed half a lemon on top. I munched on that over a couple of hours, making sure to chew slowly and thoroughly. I rewarded my fasting success by renting Skyrim so this made a yummy video game snack. Dinner was…you probably guessed it…a can of green beans! Man that can filled me up, it was too much. But so good! I also made soup that I’ll eat on this week. I bought organic vegetable broth (wanted to give myself another day or two before any animal products), carrots, celery, onion, tomato, yukon gold potato, fresh basil, oregano, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper. I let that baby simmer for a couple of hours. It’s now much more of a stew like consistency, but should be pretty easy to digest.

Grocery shopping yesterday was fun. I didn’t have to just think about ingredients for juicing (I bought just supplies for fruit juice with spinach BTW, might as well drink my favorites). I got to think about healthy meals. I bought squash. I’ve never bought squash other than zucchini! I bought spaghetti and butternut squashes. I thought I’d try cutting up the butternut and baking it with rosemary and olive oil. Someone told me they treat butternut like potatoes to make french fries. I think it will be much easier to make healthy food choices now. I really do.

I haven’t had any issues transitioning to solid food. I really can’t believe how well my body has handled all of this. When people I’ve talked to say they want to start a fast, and I’ll say this to you, don’t expect the same experience. All other articles and blogs I’ve read recount experiences of feeling sick, tired, major hunger pangs, soreness, flu like symptoms, nausea, etc. Please do a lot of reading so you’re prepared. I’d hate for someone to think they won’t have any issues then be surprised. It’s sort of like going in to a movie you’re unsure about by thinking it will be terrible, then you’re usually pleasantly surprised, right? Do that.

I just finished munching on the other half of yesterday’s apple. Stomach is full. Energy is good. Mind is happy. I’m so damn proud of myself right now. Next step? Tackling exercise and maintaining healthy eating. Thanks for tagging along on my journey! I hope it helped those of you out there.

Day 12: juice fast

February 17, 2012

Mood: robot dancing all over the place
Weight loss: 19.8lbs!
Cravings: sandwiches. Lots and lots of sandwiches. And chicken. And beef. I printed off a bunch of healthy recipes yesterday getting ready for the post-breaking of the fast period. I’m stoked! I blew up my Pinterest with recipes.

Today I’m going to write about a lesson I’ve learned. It’s okay to feel hungry. It’s not that I’ve ever thought it was bad to feel hunger, I just always rectified that feeling out of habit. Right now, I’m on a several hour water fast. I had my morning juice and went to have my broth for lunch, but just didn’t like the taste. So water for me until dinner. My stomach has grumbled a bit and I feel hungry, but it’s no where near debilitating. It’s just a feeling that I know I’ll fix later when I attempt to make broth again, but this time with better flavor.

I’m still surprised that I made it this far without cheating or giving up. Just have to get through tomorrow and I’m done! Well, mostly. The few days after that will still feel like a fast since I’m slowly getting my digestion going. I’m still planning on breaking my fast with beer tomorrow night, but I’m not too worried about it. I already know that my tolerance will be much lower (which will be hilarious because I’ve been Frank the Tank since I drank for the first time). But since it’s still liquid, I don’t expect my digestive system to freak out. I’m also planning on bringing an apple to eat, just in case.

Man I feel like a BAMF right now! I’m sure people are tired of me talking about it, but honestly, I don’t care too much. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of my willpower, my dedication, and my weight loss. It doesn’t even bother me anymore when people respond to my weight loss with “you know, it’s just water weight.” Actually, you know, it’s not just water weight. I’ve never held a lot of water weight. The first few pounds, sure. But the rest is from healing my body, a major calorie reduction and exercise. So, yeah, I’m not worried about “gaining it all back the first week.”

Happy Friday!

Day 11: juice fast

February 16, 2012

Mood: stoked because a shirt I’ve never worn fits me so I can wear it, woot!
Weight loss: 18lbs
Cravings: curried deviled eggs on celery (see more below)

Turkey patties

Wow, three full days left. So awesome! I’m happy with the little victories I’m still making. Yesterday I went over to Burgerville (the best fast food join in the west with real products, not pink slime for burgers) to get some paperwork to do a fundraiser. A group from work was doing a fundraiser at the time and I wanted to buy something to support them, but I’m fasting! The smell of the food was so damn tempting. I wanted protein. And french fries with the special Burgerville sauce. Mmmmmm. A colleague I was chatting with said she ordered a couple of turkey patties for her dogs. Yes! Perfect! I could support the fundraiser, while maintaining my fast. And Rufus would be pretty stoked too. It was tough putting up with the tantalizing aroma of protein in my car, but I suffered through the pain and am stronger for it.

I made it out of there alive and still on the fast.

Last night I tried making a batch of broth. It wasn’t nearly as good as Dana’s and I’m not sure what about it was so lackluster. Sigh. But it’s still better than the cold veg-heavy juice I had been drinking for lunch and dinner. Only three more days! Then I can have broth with chicken or beef stock ๐Ÿ˜€

Graph showing the last four weekly weigh-ins on Weight Watchers and the large weight loss of the last two weeks. I'm 5 lbs away from the 10% weight loss goal!

I also updated my online Weight Watchers tracker yesterday and was stoked to see the downward curve showing my weight loss on the fast. That’s a downward tilt I like to see! While on the site I began perusing some recipes. I’m going to transition into using the Power Foods list for Weight Watchers (thanks to my friend Karen for showing it to me!), which will work well with a modified paleo. There was one recipe in particular that looked amazing and I can’t wait to make it. I’m a sucker for deviled eggs. This is a modified version of deviled eggs. You

Curried deviled eggs on celery

mash up the whole egg, not just yolk. You add a bit of mayo and curry powder instead of mustard. Spread that on a celery stalk. YUM! I’m going to nom the hell out of some eggs when I can have protein again. Scrambled egg whites with a ridiculous amount of pepper. mmmmm.


Day 10: juice fast

February 15, 2012

Mood: bubbly
Weight loss: 17.4 lbs! HOLLA AT YA BOI!
Cravings: At this very moment, a burger topped with pulled pork from the Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, TX. Also, any Mexican food. Also, any burger. Also, broth!

Wow, I sit here now on day 11. Four more days of the fast. I have not consumed anything other than water or fresh fruit and veggie juice. I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – WHERE DID THIS WILLPOWER COME FROM?!?!?!? Yowza.

Yesterday was pretty damn easy. I had a yummy grapefruit, orange and spinach breakfast then broth for lunch and dinner. I went to the pub for the usual Taco Tuesday and avoided all things but water. Although I would have nommed the shit out of a taco with sriracha. We had a good laugh about my breaking of the fast with beer at a birthday party on Saturday.

I really can’t think of a more fitting way to break a fast. I know it will hit me way harder, but I’m curious to see if I will feel sick. *knocks on wood* The fast so far has been incredibly mild, I hope that having a couple of beers won’t through me into a tailspin. We shall see!

I look forward to trying to make more broth tonight with carrot, celery, onion, tomato, bell pepper and cilantro. Yumm! And the rest of the work week’s breakfast juices feature strawberries. $2 a pack at the grocery store for fresh ones. Hell yeah!

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