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It’s not a tuuummmmaahhhh! Oh, wait, it is.

February 10, 2013

Well, folks, I have had quite a month. I’ve got a story for ya, it started in early January. I was getting my Saturday night party on and started having severe urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms. I went to the local rural ER and they gave me a urine test and sent me home with antibiotics. I had about 6 hours of pain that I imagine is similar to kidney stones. So painful, and no breaks.

Then a month later, the symptoms returned. I went back to that ER and they said the urine test was inconclusive, but they sent me home with antibiotics expecting it was a UTI. Boo on them. Two days later I started bleeding a lot and passing tons of clots. I went to a hospital in the nearby city and the doctor immediately said, this isn’t a UTI. He sent me in for a CT scan and identified a 5″ tumor on my right kidney that had to be pulled quickly.

Here’s the kicker: he called over to that rural hospital and learned that BOTH UTI tests were negative! I have two questions:
1) Why didn’t they notify me after the first test to let me know it was negative and I should get follow-up care?
2) On my second visit, why didn’t they look in the computer for the previous visit I told them all about, and learn it was negative so maybe they should do more than give me a pee test and send me on my way.

Thank goodness for the second hospital! Two weeks after this, I went in to surgery. That’s the next post!

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